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Marriage is the most important decision we make. After the wedding lace and confetti comes a lifetime of choice. We can choose to invest the only currency we have as a single person – our “singleness” – and buy into a new unified life with our spouse and then nurture that investment for the rest of our lives, or, we can hold back, hang on to some of our singleness and never fully vest ourselves into the marriage. One approach can lead to an extraordinary life as husband and wife. With the other option you are less likely to ever taste the joy of a truly extraordinary marriage.

In “Ordinary Guy – Extraordinary Marriage”, Terry Bachynski not only campaigns for the full investment without regret or reservation, he talks about why it is so important that if you choose to marry, you must accept and act upon the obligation to pursue excellence in this one human relationship above all others. Further, he shows how individuality is not sacrificed for a marriage but is enabled through the daily living of the marriage vows.

And finally, this book offers real, practical ideas for every husband. Use them, modify them. Steal them right out of this book and pretend they are yours. It doesn’t matter as long as they help you build your own extraordinary marriage.

How does it work? Here’s a hint… “love” is a verb!,

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